Drinking Game

Dog Racing Drinking Game (courtesy of Tom Lukas) First take the 4 aces out of a deck of cards. Then, line up several (4-7) cards face down in a line end to end. Each card represents a furlong of the race. Put the 4 aces down just before the line of cards as shown:

[ card 1 ] [ card 2 ] [ card 3 ] [ card 4 ]

.             .             .             .        ACE of Spades

.             .             .             .        ACE of Hearts

.             .             .             .        ACE of Diamonds

.             .             .             .        ACE of Clubs

Then, put the rest of the deck off to the side. Now, go around to each player (the more the merrier) and take bets on which one of the 4 suits will win the race. You can bet anywhere from 1-4 drinks. Whatever the player bets, he/she drinks that number at that time. For instance, if I bet 2 drinks on hearts, I would then drink for 2-counts right then.

After all bets have been placed, then the race is run by flipping one card over from the rest of the deck. If the suit of the flipped card is a heart, then move the ace of hearts card one card foward (in the [ card 4 ] column). Likewise for each suit. Keep flipping cards over until one of the aces moves out of the [ card 1 ] column into the ‘winners circle’.

But there’s more, now flip over each one of the face down cards. Every card that matches the suit of the winning ‘dog’ serves as a multiplier towards people’s bets. For instance, say the ace of hearts wins the race; and a 10 of hearts and a king of hearts where in the face down cards. Then, there are two multipliers (each multiplier doubles the number of drinks rewarded). So if i had bet 3 drinks on hearts, I would get to give out 3 X 4 = 12 drinks to the spectators.

Warning: this drinking game is highly addictive and will bring on either a gambling problem or alcoholism or both.


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