Takin’ It Back to 2G+4

Say hello to ‘Blade’, ‘Da Flame’, and ‘Freeze’ — together they are The Icy Hot Stuntaz. First read what they have to say to all their fans from their website stuntaz.com:

(dated 1/6/04) Word up y’all! Happy Muthafuckin New Year!! … To all the ladies sendin in photos, keep it up. We tryna make a stunta honies gallery. If you want to see your pic on our site, make sure you’re over 18 & gots the words “Icy Hot Stuntaz” written somewhere on your fine body. (Nasty stank ass hoes need not apply.) … Thanks to all the fans. We couldn’t be where we are to day without y’all! And a super sized muthafuckin big up goes out to the Lord. ~peace bra~.

And now you MUST listen to their ‘sampler track’ by clicking here. Drop those zeroes get with these heroes! Oh I’ve got to post more quotes:

(dated 4/19/01) Ohhhhh shiiiiitt! Yo punk ass has just come to the hardest, phattest, and tightest group da world has eva seen. Icy Hot Stuntaz in the 2G+3. We aint like yo bakdoorboyz, yo nsucks, or yo britney smears. and if yo think we iz like yo puff mommy, yo snoop pupp, or yo DumMX you iz crazy wrong.

Source: Ramiro R, stuntaz.com


5 Responses to “Takin’ It Back to 2G+4”

  1. jimmydaphattasspimpbeotichmothafucka Says:


  2. Bryan Says:

    Such Fucking Douche Bags. Please commit suicide. Please. I hope the stunters kill themselves.

  3. De White Debbil Says:

    Taxi Driver
    It’s quite amusing to see weak minded slaves of chimp hominids making fools of themselves in full view of their simian slavemasters. Those subhuman apes need a few good laughs before their day of reconing arrives and the streets are finally safe for strong proud white families to walk once again.
    We don’t need haters, just eighty eighters!

  4. I'm White, So are you. Says:

    You guys need to drink bleach. It would really be better than three gay kids, with a photo shopped picture of some cars and jewelry. Do you have any idea how retarded you kids look? Seriously? Have you looked in a mirror lately? Have you asked random people at your family reunion in your country bumpkin town how stupid you look? You really should, because I promise you they will tell you that you look like a bunch of fucking idiot retarded ass white nerdy kids, trying to be black. And being black means you have to put your dick in random holes, cause they are so horny they stick it anywhere. That is why they have pubic hairs on their heads. Anyway, just wanted to share what everyone else thinks. So, enjoy your bleach. Oh, and if you drink it, you will get drunk off of it, hopefully your dumb enough to believe that, because you are dumb enough to dress like that.

  5. vicky Says:

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