Diving Bicheno

Our last official act in Bicheno was to try out scuba diving in the icy waters off the coast of Tassie. The water temp was 14 degrees Centrigrade, which is something like 58 deg Farenhieight… Really f’in cold. We wore 7mm wetsuits that really made it difficult to dive. Our first dive was a mess. But we were ok, and decided to try again – and we got to see some cool stuff.

Check out this cool white fish that has black stripes! Also seen but not photographed – Ryan spotted a seahorse and I spotted a puffer fish. Too hard to scuba dive and photo at the same time though 🙂

And check out this little creature called a ‘sea dragon’. Looks a lot like a seahorse to me. It was really deeply purple with orange spots on it, though without a light on it the picture’s color can be deceiving.


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