Getting Leighed in Cairns

Well here is the beautiful view from the swimming lagoon in Cairns. This city is a tourist mecca – and i don’t see much else here besides tourist services! Every street corner has a souvenier shop or a bar or a dive shop or an internet cafe! Really, a pretty great town to laze around in for 3 days.

Here we are, partying it up. Turns out this was about the last drink I’ve had for awhile due to some stomach problems I’ve been having. (bummer) What a lousy time to find out you have acid reflux problems. Oh well, not getting tanked every night can only be good for one’s health.

Perhaps my buddy Dustin said it best: ‘if you cannot get leighed in Cairns, it is not gonna happen’. The spelling is key on that phrase. Here is Ryan’s look after getting leighed in Cairns. Myself? I had to leigh myself. Go figure.


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