Blue Screens of Death and other Annoyances

Do you ever just feel like a day is destined for headache? Take for instance today, I arrive (late) to work after having a bunch of tumultuous dreams to find my Dell Desktop computer with blue screens showing for all the world to see. No big deal, these things randomly occur, right? Yeah, well I can’t reboot and get past the blue screen. Its just stuck there, like if you turned your car on and it started for 3 seconds and then died every time. If you’re a mechanic, you’re irritated and you pop the hood and start testing out theory A and theory B. In the computer case, not even the expert (in this case me) can put together theories without consulting random message boards from the one thousand other unfortunate souls who ran into this problem previously. What do I care about RAID drives and iastor.sys and hex address 0x000000D1? Apparently I care a lot because my day cannot progress without figuring it out. Boo Hoo. Today is a Black Day.


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