¡Viva Colombia!

That’s right, the next trip has been planned. Tickets purchased for the South American destination of Colombia March 8th thru March 20th. Claudia is taking me home to meet the parents and get acquainted with her homeland. I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t that the cocaine exporting capital of the world? (answer: yes) Isn’t that where drug lord Pablo Escobar is from? (answer: yes) Isn’t it unsafe to travel there? (answer: no! evidence: USA Today article)

I’m super-stoked for so many reasons…

  • We’re meeting up with Chuck who’s been travelling for many many months
  • Checking out a location where very few Americans are ever priveledged to go
  • Get to experience sights in Colombia with my own personal colombian Srta. Claudia Bella; sights that even she is not familiar with

Our loose plan is to fly into Bogota the first night, get acclimated. Then take off (maybe by plane) to Baranquilla and see the northern pacific coast of Colombia. They have all sorts of really cool ruins and they even have a volcano that spews out warm mud that people can bathe in. You know I’m gonna do my best to get dipped into that mud bath! ¡Viva Colombia!


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