Gilly Has a Wii

Well the day finally arrived. After a month of searching for a retail-priced Nintendo Wii, one finally arrived. Is it a coincidence that my blogging on jumphook has diminished since the Wii purchase? Not a chance. The freakin Wii console is awesome — from the included Wii Sports games (bowling, baseball, tennis, golf, and boxing) to the sweet Legend of Zelda game — just really freakin entertaining. Fewer buttons, a nice trend to start again for video games.

And there’s this weird thing about Mii’s. A Mii is a little cartoony persona who can be used to play several of the games. You design the look of your Mii then you use him as a character in any Mii compatibile game. An interesting concept, we’ll see if it takes off… If anyone wants to link up w/ my console (so that my Mii’s can play with your Mii’s and vice versa — if you have to ask don’t bother) feel free to hook up to my console with this number: 7497 0497 0969 8637.


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