To Parque Tairona and Back

We are back in the city of Bogota after a stunningly beautiful trip to the Parque Nacional Tairona on Colombia´s NE coast. Amazing rainforest and stunning beaches with rocky terrain you have see to believe. And mosquitos that love gringo skin…

We took a short set of busses and trucks from Tagonga to Tairona Wednesday and got to the start of our hike. The trees reminded me a lot of those seen in Costa Rica near Osa, though I did not see much in the line of wildlife. So we walked 2 or 3 km to the beach which was just stunning! Funny too, because i had a hard time enjoying it due to some gastro-intestinal troubles that sprung up during the hike (the way back, i actually appreciated what i hustled by the first time). Past the beautiful Arricefes beach we made our way to Cabo (de la San Guia…?) where we all got hammocks and slept under little lean to´s for something like $4 per night. Great, except for those bugs.

On the way back i tried a little snorkelling (couldn´t find the reef) and a little geocaching (couldn´t find the cache) but had tons of fun along the way! We took the busses back to Tagonga to crash for the night and grab some pizza listening to the music of Renaldo Sanchez (and and his son Pipe?). Then this morning, Paula and David, Chuck, Claudia and I all hopped a plane back to Bogotá and here we are again at The Lorente Casa. We plan on spending the next few days (including my birthday) checking out the city before I head back Mar 20th…


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