Monserrate, Villa de Leyva, and Home Again

Well the trip ended fast and furiously, as we didn’t exactly sit on our butts in Bogota to finish the Colombia trip. First we used the public transit to get to Monserrate, a really cool monestary on top of this mountain overlooking Bogota. It was a bit smoggy, but it was still a spectacular view from the mountaintop about 3x as high as the tallest skyscraper in the city.

The next day, we rested up (sorta) for a big family dinner with Claudia’s aunts and uncles and and sisters and brothers and me and chuck. Some fantastic meals were had on this trip (thanks Aura!) and here are some: Ajiaco (potato soup), Arrepes (fried corn patty), tons of pan y queso (breads and cheese), barbequed pork, about 10-12 different fruits i’ve never seen before (my favorite was jugo de lulo con leche), and plum cake and oh my gosh tons of great stuff.

Then our last day in bogota, the whole group of nine people (Aura y Luia, Claudia y yo, Paula y David, Andres y Alexis, y Chuck) went in 2 cars to a place called Villa de Leyva, which is a premier Bogota getaway about 3 hours away from the city. They are filming the telanovela (soap opera) Zorro there right now, seen on the spanish channel 🙂 It was a really chilled out old spanish style town, w/ mostly white walls and tons of tiendas selling all sorts of trinkets. Suffice it to say i spent a few thousand colombian pesos there…

Anyway, I just got back to Austin after a job well done, it was another sweet trip and i’ll work on getting thos photos together ASAP! ~cheers, Darin (ps – thanks a lot to all of the Lorente-Rodriquez family para todos)


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