Back from PR

The eagle(s) have landed back in the USA. Sorry for not blogging, but Puerto Rico is not the land of travel I am used to. American prices, no hostels, and no internet cafes on every block. Here are some interesting takeaways from the trip:

  • Windy Mountain Roads: A Puerto Rican highway away from the coast consist of about 40 hairpin turns stuck together in a row. They will intersect with 2 or more highways with the same number of turns.
  • Highway Signs: Always misleading, will tell you that a ‘road will eventually lead to Highway 149’, but certainly isn’t the most direct route. Best to work on your spanish and start asking for directions at each intersection
  • Broken Down Cars: Turns out that broken down cars in the front yard slash street serve both as a place to put your extra potted plants and as a social status symbol. The nicest neighborhoods and properites always had a borken down car in front. I guess it says: ‘I’m rich enough to have bought 2 cars in my lieftime, here’s the proof!’
  • Puerto Rican Bookstores: The just don’t really exist except in the capital San Juan. Well really that’s not entirely correct, they have Christian bookstores but nothing else. We litterally went to 2 towns, a Wal-Mart and a WalGreens and found a whopping selection of 50 books. (total). About 40 of those were in Spanish, and useless to me.

Fantastic trip. You gotta see the pics – they will be up as soon as I get time to sort them and post ’em 🙂


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