Uptown Denver Colorado Weekend

Had a great time visiting the fam in Estes Park for the weekend recently. Watched a lot of movies, had a lot of home-cooked food, and played a bit of cards. Also, on the way back from Estes I managed to get a Sunday night out with Shaun and Kee (and Kee’s new girlfriend Jenn) in Uptown Denver.

I didn’t even know such a thing as ‘uptown’ denver existed — I thought it was ‘lodo’ or nothing when going out. Denver keeps on changing though, and its no surprise that its getting awesomer all the time 🙂 Had some good food at Stuebens down there, and then hung out at the local Tavern for some good times.

Good times in this case meant jager shots and bar games — including this naught-often-seen mini-bowling game. Hilarious that the pins were suspended by strings and dropped down like puppets to reset the frame. Special thanks go to Shaun (once again) for letting me crash at his place, and big thanks to Keeler for getting up at 5am to drive me out to DIA monday morning. Great visit guys — and great to meet you Jenn! (Kee you’ve outdone yourself :P)


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