Jumphook's Quietest Month

Well there you have it, the quietest month of blogging by yours truly. One may ask why — well here’s a long overdue update:

  1. Work has been crazy. I know its cliche, but its true! I recently have decided to change roles at NI by moving into Project Managment from development. It’s an unexpected move that I hope will hold off the burnout that can set in by sitting at a desk all the time. The process of moving to this new role has been painful, because it pretty much means I’m doing two jobs at once (old job responsibilities winding down, new job responsibilities torquing up).
  2. Heading to Romania in a week. I’m leaving for a month long work trip to Romania, in 7 days! This I’ve been looking forward to for almost a year, and I’m really excited to get a chance to go over. Whenever you leave for a month, there’s a long laundary list of things to take care of. Also, I have to get a bunch of work stuff together for the trip. Best part will be – weekend beforehand in Amsterdam! What a layover 🙂
  3. Got a new Mac. If you haven’t seen the new redesigned iMac, you are really lame. It’s got a dual-core Intel based chip, and gobs of RAM — but the most impressive thing is just how it feels. It’s like straight out of Star Trek – a single, sexy flat-panel screen with wireless mouse and keyboard. Now I’ve just gotta find the time to set it up.
  4. jumphook.com is censored in China. What did I ever do to the Chinese Government? So lame – but they’ve got my site on the blacklist it seems. Justin (who has arrived in Shanghai for his 7-month work-stay) just reported this to me from China. Is this site all about free love and democracy and capitalism or something?

Anyway, be sure to note that blogging will ramp up when I leave for Amsterdam/Romania 🙂 Much love to my dedicated jumphookers out there that still occasionally check.


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