Week 1 in Romania

Well here I am. In a (pretty nice) hotel room in Cluj, Romania. Its pretty cold outside, one has to wear a scarf in the night breeze. I haven’t been drinking for 24 hours or so, which is easily the longest stretch of time in the past week I’ve pulled that off.

So why hasn’t he blogged before now you may ask? Well from the second i’ve arrived in Cluj I’ve been taken from place to place, from 2 hour lunch to 3 hour dinner to bars and so on. Free time is time one should be sleeping. I’m not complaining, I have the best hosts in the world here in Horia, the head honcho at the NI-Romania office. You name it: taking the dinner tab, hooking me up with a more permanent apartment w/ a kitchen, and providing hilarity at every turn as well.

Whoooppps will write more and post some pictures next go round, i’m being called down to one last group dinner before the big NI-Romania soccer game. the majority of the Austin work people are back on the plane to Texas. I think I may get some time for my own exploration in the very near future!

And if you haven’t picked it up from this — I think Cluj is freaking awesome. I miss my girl, but other than that life is pretty damn good. Vive work travel.


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