Welcome to Babes University (Housing)

I’m staying in Cluj in the Babes University Housing Room 708. Babes is pronounced ‘babesh’ and is one of the 2 big universities in the city. It’s about 10 min (by car) from downtown, and right next to a pretty sweet park with running track. For long term housing, it makes sense to have a place with a little kitchen rather than the very hotel like experience I had for the 1st week of time here — Hotel Centraal right downtown Cluj. The main difference is that I’m a cab ride from the bars/coffee shops rather than a 5 minute walk. But I’m closer to other practical things like a place to exercise and a place to get groceries.

I’m not really close to work, but everyone at NI-Romania has been beyond accomidating by picking me up all the time. I tend to get two rides a day, with Rares taking me to and from work (thanks man!) and someone else rotating and picking me up for dinner/trips/etc. The folks at work have been awesome, awesome hosts — they have made me feel very welcome and gone way way out of their way to make sure I’m comfortable and happy and entertained while staying in Cluj.

Funny that last night they had live music in Cluj — probably the first name a big name musician has come to the city. It was Beyonce. She played in a old soccer field pretty near to the old apartment, and I could hear the concert decently well by just opening the windows. Pretty good, considering it was a crappy cold and rainy night; so I got to enjoy the quote unquote music in the background while studying up on my Romanian. Here’s a video of what I could see from the apt — you can kinda hear the end one of her big hits in the audio though you cannot see much of the lights from the show…


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