The Gorge of Turda

More stories from Turda… After the salt mine and a late lunch, Stefan drove us up to this amazing gorge outside of Turda. Stefan’s Dacia ran up the quote unquote road up to the top of one side of the gorge. We actually couldn’t get too close, so we jumped out and began our hike up to the lip of the gorge.

The landscape was straight out of what you’d expect from England. Rolling green pasture, with white rocks that you picture right around Stonehenge. Of course, this is the Romanian countryside though; so there’s nothing wrong w/ a little free range roaming from the local livestock. The start of our hike began with the shepherd’s yell on the wind trying to guide his animals home for the night.

On the way there were plenty of bushes with wild berries growing. Stefan and Cosmina showed us which ones you can eat, and which ones you shouldn’t. I cannot resist an eating challenge, so I had to try the berries as well. Pretty starchy, but pretty good if you were on the verge of starvation. I felt like survivorman or something 🙂

After a good mile or two, we hit the edge of the gorge. It was kinda hard to get perspective on how big it was from the top, so I had to climb right down by the edge. It was a really long long way down the sheer cliff, let me just put it that way. I’m not sure how a river ran thru the middle of this large hill in the first place, but it carved a nice slot out of it that’s for sure. There were lots of rock climbers that had clibmed up the rock nearly to our point. Pretty amazing. Those guys are crazy 🙂 Anyway, we raced the cows back to the car and headed back to end a great day trip to Turda.


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