Day of the Dead

So I must admit, Halloween was a complete bust in comparison to the US Halloween celebrations. I was definitely bummed to find out that the rumors were true — Halloween is a US holiday. I saw a grand total of 10 costumes when we went out that night, none of which were very elaborate.

However, Romania will not be outdone in spookiness. I mean this is Transylvania for God’s sake. Turns out that the day after Halloween is a special day: the Romanian Day of the Dead. No festivals. No crazy drinking. But a really spooky graveyard scene to marvel at.

I spent an hour walking around the Central Cemetary on the evening of Day of the Dead. All of the surviving relatives are supposed to come to the cemetary and light candles on the graves of their past loved ones. It was really amazing to see the tens of thousands of candles that were lit on all of the gravestones.

After walking around by yourself in a graveyard for awhile, you start trying to focus on non-supernatural things to keep yourself from getting spooked. I started experimenting with my camera’s night picture mode. I have a little tripod, and I took a few picture with me in them — lit up by the ghastly candlelight.

But few graves compared to this one, as far as number of candles. This one looks like the grave is practically on fire. I got a little freaked out by these two dudes mumbling Romanian at me while I was hovering around this particular grave. However, I couldn’t help but waiting around until I had some free time to take this crazy shot. The whole experience was really amazing and totally unexpected. Who needs Halloween anyway?


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