Cluj Nightlife

No summary of Cluj is complete without talking about the ridiculous nightlife in this city. The big thing here is that bars stay open until… well whenever. So unlike in the states where there’s this 2am cutoff where you are forced home, you have to exercise some sort of self-control with regard to leaving the bar. If you’re ‘not tuned’ for this, well then you’ll do what I did and accidentally stay out well past 4am. That’s bad on the weekdays πŸ˜›

Here are some pics of the cool cats I’ve been hanging out with. On the left is a group of Rares’s friends that went out one Sunday with me to play some pool. They have slightly different billiards rules here (gee imagine that πŸ˜› I’ve played about 10 variants of 8-ball on my travels) but it’s actually pretty close to US rules. You don’t really get penalized for scratching, which is very strange. They also had one of those ‘snooker’ tables there; I had never seen such a big pool table. On the right, is the work crew of folks – Dan, Cosmin, Razvan and Liviu out one night at a funny place named “Insomnia”. It was a pretty wild coffee shop with pictures of sheep humping pigs on the walls. Never quite figured out what that was all about. But, as they say it’s probably better than 5 guys 1 beer and some feminine products (such an inside joke).

As far as bizarre bar sightings, it’s hard to top this place. Diesel bar, which would be the trendy multilevel club sorta place, looked straight out of Dracula’s dungeon or something. Red velvet curtains, mirrors, weird lights. Prefect Transylvania club really πŸ™‚ I only went there the first night, as the clubbing crew really isn’t my brand of people to hang out with.

I spent most of my bar time in the shadier brand of bar. Here are some pics from my Halloween night out on the town with Dan and Vlad. Place called the Hard Rock Cafe. You certainly won’t find one of those cheesy t-shirts here – they have Pantera or Metallica playing on the projector screen 24-7 in this place. It’s very smoky (as all bars in Romania are), but other than that it’s a pretty cool place. I can’t find a picture to really do it justice. And on the right is one of the poorer decisions I’ve made on this trip — a drink called the ‘passport to hell’. It certainly led me to a stiff hangover on a Thursday morning. Much thanks to Dan for being my drinking buddy over this 2 week span after the Austin crew left me in Cluj — good times for sure!


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    As far as bizarre bar sightings, it’s hard to top this place lasix prix

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