Guesthouse in Saliste

After a very full saturday of being in the car, and toursting in Sibiu; we were ready to get out of the city for a bit. Dan lined up this pimped out little guesthouse in the nearby town of Salişte. The owners of the place were quite friendly and our stay there included a full dinner and breakfast. They cooked a ridiculous amount of food, it is safe to say.

With full stomachs, we attacked the ‘drinking problem’ we needed to solve. We had purchase lots of beer and plenty of wine. The problem was furthered along by our hosts giving us all shots of Suica upon entry to the guesthouse. The solution was to start some drinking chess. We started off w/ some beers, and then cooked up some ‘boiled wine’ which was very tasty. It’s just cheap red wine w/ various spices added to add some flavor — great on a cold day.

Of course that’s never good enough for me, I gotta push everyone to their limits 😛 I introduced them to the few drinking games I know, including Golf (yes Tob, I still play your 4 card drinking game) and King’s Cup. The King’s cup was what finished just about everyone off. And it was fitting that me, an innocent bystander, drew the 4th king and was forced to down the most nasty cup of beer.

It was a very fun night, with all sorts of funny, hourly pictures taken along the way that are not suitable for posting online. And the best part was, we woke up somewhat functional the next day.


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