Notes on Romanian Culture

I wanted to definitely say a few things about Romanian culture on this blog. First off, driving is freakin’ crazy here. Everyone’s in a rush and they drive fast and pass close with these tiny cars. We’re not talking Cairo level of craziness, but we’re in the same ballpark. 50% of the cars on the road are ‘Dacia’ brand cars. This was the car that was made during the communist era here, where they continued to make the same make and model of Dacia for 25 years. So there are plenty of them. Some number of years ago, they updated the model. Here’s a picture of how someone personalized it even further.

I couldn’t help throwing in a funny picture of a guy trying to pretend to be carpooling, or trying to pretend he had a hot chick in his car. If you look closely at the picture on the right, you’ll notice that the girl is definitely an airhead.

Dracula is a word here that is synonomous with good luck. Fitting then that you’d have a dracula casino nearby.

There is a lot of social strife in this country with regard to Romanians versus the Gypsies. The gypsies here are a group of folks that have set up sort of a parallel (but weaker) government and social system but still live in Romania. They have a King, and en emperor, and these crazy gypsy castles all over the place. Money is highly valued in this culture it seems, as the building are topped with Euro and Dollar signs. They walk around wearing black hats on the street. And they are totally maligned in this culture. Everyone thinks the gypsies are a pain in the ass and wants them the hell out of this country.

More randomness, check out the assortment of fur hats! I’d buy one as a souvenier, but I generally don’t agree with the wearing of dead animals for glamour’s sake. Besides, I don’t see much practical usage for a fur hat in Austin.


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