RRR – Romanian Road Rally

The first stop we made before heading to the Sibiu city center was actually a quick hour visit to a Romanian Road Rally. I certainly didn’t see that coming — as someone who has personally never seen a Nascar race or anything like it back home.

Rares, Emilia, and Razvan and I joined the masses of folks watching a little one on one dirt track racing. It was just like those old video games where there are two parallel tracks that criss cross here and there; and each car must do one lap on each track before finishing. Here was a cool spot where there was a bridge that one car flew over while another car was looping underneath.

I was amazed at the number of people that came out early on a Saturday to watch this business. There were no grandstands, just a bunch of people standing on the mud rim surrounding the course. We did get sprayed w/ some dirt once, but that was as close as we got to the action. I’ll be sure to post some cool videos that have some audio so you can hear how loud these cars were when they went shooting by.


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