Weekend Trip to Sibiu

We took a great weekend overnight trip outside of Cluj to the Romanian countryside last weekend. Woke up early on Saturday and jumped in the cars to head to a famous town 2-3 hours south of Cluj. The city is named Sibiu, and is known as the european ‘Capital of Culture’.

They have a magnificent set of big plazas in the city center, with really cool stonework on the ground in this grid pattern. In town, there are all sorts of great museums and plenty of neat sculptures nearby. We couldn’t figre out exactly what that statue represented, perhaps some ancient snail or some ancient snail turd… The architecture was really cool and like nothing I’d ever seen before. Check out the picture below of the red roof — there are little eyelets sticking out of the roof for the attic windows. It literally looks like a bunch of eyes following you around.

We took a quick soup first, and then met the other carload of people for an eight person real lunch in a neat underground cafe. After filling our stomachs, we wandered the streets for awhile. For instance, we puzzled at this large tooth like statue that we called a ‘medusa’ or jellyfish in english. It was a talking statue that said to keep coming back after dark. We came back and it still did nothing special. I’m still scratching my head on this one.

At dusk, we climbed up to the top of this sweet old clock tower, that has been there since the 1500’s or something. After seeing the stairs on the way up to the top, I’m inclined to agree that it’s really really old. A scary walk, sometimes in complete darkness, to say the least. But we were rewarded with some great pictures of the sunset over the city of Sibiu.

It was a great day and a really neat town. It would be fun to spend some time at night there sometime and check out what the nightlife has to offer. Seems like the capital of culture to me 😛


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