Spring Backwards

So much to report. I didn’t live up to my promise to start blogging more often. Why may you ask? Well a sequence of tragedies have befallen yours truly.

First, I managed to catch pneumonia and had to go the ER to get diagnosed. I felt absolutely terrible. Forced me to cancel a plane ticket to Colorado for a weekend visit. I was and am seriously bummed about all of that. My lungs are still not feeling great, and I’m not supposed to do any aerobic exercise for another couple of weeks. what a mess!

Second, our house got robbed just after I got better and started back to work. Thief broke the window by our front door, and unlocked the door to make him/herself at home. They took an empty suitcase and went shopping. Took my iMac, Powerbook, 2 iPods, digital camera, some jewlery, and some other material goods. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had my IRS refund check sitting out and they nabbed it as well. Also, for good measure, claudia’s checkbook, my passport and social security card, and a debit & credit card. That’s right, armed w/ my identity they ended up with a $3015 spending spree all around Ausitn. what a mess!

So that’s what’s new. Just a heads up. Trying to keep a good attitude here, looking for some good karma and hoping bad things don’t come in threes…


2 Responses to “Spring Backwards”

  1. Ramiro Says:

    Tough break D. Did they take the wii?

  2. Gilly Says:

    They left the Wii. Really quite thoughtful in that respect 🙂

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