NCAA Pool 2008

Come on all click this link and enter to play. Read the rules and make your picks. Click Here

$10 to get in ; more players –> more to win Just fill out the bracket online & kindly give Darin your money to play. Something new this year for my buds out of state, I’ll accept PayPal! (I’m no longer accepting credit cards via PayPal, sorry…)


3 Responses to “NCAA Pool 2008”

  1. Shaun Says:

    All 1 seeds in Final Four…It’s not “March Madness”, it is “Calm March Practicality” with your host Jim Nance

  2. Kee Says:

    If Memphis wins tonight I pass Shaun in the standings. Sometimes the bragging rights are the only things left to play for.

  3. Gilly Says:

    Btw – I never formally announced this, but the 1st place winner this year is: my Dad! He takes home the big bounty of over $150. Second place prize goes to Brett, who tried to lead the race gate to wire, but could not overcome my dad’s perfect final 4, championship game, and champ. Way to go daddy-o!

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