jumphook in shambles!

I’m sorry family, friends, wanderers. I’ve been completely delinquent to jumphook.com.

Sadly, I think my days of blog pioneering are coming to an end. I’m going to switch some some other set of services. I will probably relaunch the same content here on a new site of some sort.

I will keep the NCAA basketball pool on jumphook.com for the immediate future 🙂

I still love the idea of having a .com to house all of my content in one place, however the maintenance to keep a bunch of disjoint apps working together is just too much for me to spend time worrying about. my new approach will be to host the content on a bunch of different sites specialized in hosting that content –> likely flickr, delicious, wordpress, technorati, etc. I will tie the RSS feeds from these sites into one page — probably editable like a wiki. and that will be it. Only one app to maintain (the wiki, probably via Joomla or something) and one integration technology (RSS) to worry about. I think this is the right appraoch.

Also, with my recent ENGAGEMENT to Claudia, I want a system that works for both of us. that means the days of complex SW integrations are probably over and we will do something more simplified.

Anyway, just an update 🙂


3 Responses to “jumphook in shambles!”

  1. Justin Says:

    What about using blogspot or something easy like that?

  2. Darin Says:

    yeah, i haven’t looked at all the blogging engines. blogspot and wordpress are the 2 most popular ones I believe… Maybe realizing my dream of hosting spanish language on historiapersonal.com is over hahaha.

  3. Lynne Barnhill Says:

    I’m so so sorry DarinJust a note to say again how sorry I am for your recent loss. You know I loved her dearly. I do come to your site occasionally and enjoy all the places in the world you have been and at times fretted with your mom over where you were. I will miss having this site to come to. I hope you will let me know where you go next with your site. Good Luck and many happy years with your darling Claudia. She seems to be a darling. Fondly, Lynne-Heyworth IL

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