Angkor Temples and Siem Reap, Cambodia – Day 2

August 13 started also at 8AM. Dyka and Ramorn picked us up at 8AM and we headed back to the Angkor area.

Our visit started at Angkor Thom (Angkor = City, Thom = Great). Angkor Thom used to be the capital city back in the 12th century. The city is surrounded by a man-made moat (filled with rain water) and the after the moat the city is surrounded by walls. There are entrances located at each cardinal point. Each entrance has a bridge that has statues of demons on one side and statues of gods on the other side that are playing a tag war using a serpent depicting the story of the Churning of the Sea of Milk (Sumadra Manthan). In the photo below you can see the row of statues representing the gods pulling the serpent… their demon counterparts are falking the other side of the bridge.

Angkor Thom South Entrance

The gateway of each entrance has 4 huge faces that also look at each cardinal point: North is Barona, East is Indra, West is Kubera and South is Yama. This heads also represent buda. Right under the big heads, there is a necklace of buda figures, and right below the buda figures you can see carvings of hindu gods, like Indra riding his 3-headed elephant.

Angkor Thom south gate

Inside the city walls there is another temple called the Bayon. The Bayon has many of these columns with heads looking at every cardinal point. It has carvings in walls showing not only epic battles by day to day activities of the people in that time (clinic, cooks, even people betting on rooster fights and dog fights).

The Bayon

Darin and Claudia at The Bayon

The Bayon

Darin touched the exhibition and it broke

We enter Anghor Thom and visited the Bayon walking, but many people choose to ride elephants to go from teh entrance all the way to the Bayon.

Elephant rides at Angkor Thom - Elephant Parking Lot

Elephant rides at Angkor Thom

The elephant ride are limited… so we decided to keep exploring by bike.

Darin and Claudia in bikes... ready to explore around Angkor Thom

We went towards Angkor Thom’s North Entrance on our way to other temples outside of the city walls.

Anghor Thom north gate - Spung tree is taking over the steps

We then visited Preah Khan, Neak Pen, and Ta Som… or at least that is what we think at this moment because we got our temples confused. We will come back to thri post and correct it if those were not it.

Claudia and Darin at Preah Khan

We headed back to the hotel after these last temples. It gets really hot, so by 4PM we were done and ready for a shower and short nap.

At 6PM Ramorn picked us up again and took us to a place we were going to get a Thai Massage. The place is called Frangipani Spa and it was great…. we totally recommend you to get a massage at this place. Nice atmosphere and the girls that give massages really know what they are doing.

We finish our day with a nice dinner and headed back to the hotel.


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