Musical Amputees

Land mines are a big problem in Cambodia.  Areas around the countryside have only recently been cleared of mines.  There are many folks reduced to getting around on skateboards because they have lost a leg, just to beg for scraps & money on the street.

Even touristic sites, like the temple at Beng Mealea were only cleared of mines as recently as 2007.  Here’s a scary picture from just outside the ruins.  Makes you want to be cautious as you walk around…

One cool thing that I have seen from mine victims is to find an alternative to begging on the streets.  There are many groups of amputees that play music inside the Angkor Wat temple grounds.

Click here to hear a small MP3 I recorded of the haunting Khymer tunes we heard while visiting various temples around the complex.

They also sell CDs, and the sales from those CDs go towards a fund to help mine victims in Cambodia.  For more info, check out their site:


One Response to “Musical Amputees”

  1. Ryan Says:

    When they say “This Minefield Funded by the Federal Republic of Germany” do they mean that the Germans built the minefield or cleared it? If the later, they should really word their signs better 🙂

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