Tour near Bangkok – Floating Market, River Kwai Bridge, Tiger Temple

Arriving to Bangkok from Siem Reap, Cambodia, we stayed at a hotel in China Town. We estimate the hotel has not been upgraded since the 40s. All the switches were antiques and we think the carpet was original. Nevertheless, there were no roaches, so we decided it was OK for two night n Bangkok.

On August 15, we got up early to prepare for a tour… I know, Iknow… we never do tours, but we wanted to visit 3 places in the same day, so it was cheaper. The tour was supposed to pick us up at 7:20AM. Imagine our surprise when the ride arrived at 6:45AM. They almost leave us… we had to make them wait… we finished getting ready and gra something fro breakfast and we were ready at 7:10AM.

The first stop was the floating market. It is definetely a sight… worth the visit. People load their boats with goods (vegetables, meats, fruits, etc) and go into the river to do business. It used to be just local people, but it has become a huge tourist attraction so now there are tons of people also selling souvenirs.

Floating Market

Floating Market

Floating Market

Of course, if you get into a tour here they will always take you to the usual souvenir shopping “free of charge”…. We were taking to a wood carving shop. Darin and I took a quick look… impressive work (3-D carvings) but we did nto buy anything.

Wood Carving during "Free of Charge" Souvenir Shopping stop

After that we went to visit the River Kwai Bridge. A lot of people died building what is called here the “Death Railway”. Most people know the deaths of non-asian prisoners of war, but most of the victims were asian (thais, vietnamies, chinese, etc). Later on we’ll improve this post with more information on cool texts we read at their museum… the internet fee is quite high right now.

River Kwai Bridge - part of the Death Railway

River Kwai Bridge - part of the Death Railway

Finally, we visited the Tiger Temple, a buddhist temple where they serve as sanctuary to boars, peacoks, buffaloes and asian tigers. We were able to get a picture next to these huge cats…. There is some controversy about this temple, though. Some claim they are a sancturay for tigers so tehy do not get kileed by illegal hunting, and some say that they are being sold.

Tiger Temple - A monk supervising the volunteers that take pictures of the tourist with the tigers

Tiger Temple - Claudia with one of the tiger pups

Tiger Temple - Tiger yawns before Darin approaches

Tiger Temple - Darin pets tiger after admiring his teeth

We were back at Bangkok in the early evening, just with enough time to take a nap and get ready for dinner. We went to dinner to China Town and ate street food. Thailand has amazing street food.

China Town - Lights like "The Strip" at Las Vegas

China Town - Street food in China Town


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