Chiang Mai – Cooking class

We slept in on August 21… we had been too active the previous days.

In the afternoon we looked into the other activities we wanted to do: a thai cooking class, visit an elephant sanctuary, and watch some real thai boxing.

We booked our trip to the elephant sanctuary for the next day, and we decided on a cooking class from 4PM to 8PM for this afternoon.

The cooking class started with a short trip to the market to learn about the ingredients.

At the market choosing the cooking ingredients

At the market choosing the ingredients

Claudia and Darin before the cooking class begins

We learn how to cook 4 different plates each, including making our own curry powder.

Darin cooked: Papaya salad, Hot and Sour Prawn soup, Green Curry with Chicken, Chicken with Cashew in Oyster Sauce.

Claudia cooked: Spring Rolls (veggie), Tom Ka Ghai soup, Pad Thai with Chicken, Red Curry with Chicken.

Darin declares war against the raw vegetables

Darin and Claudia cooking curry.... without air conditioning

Claudia cooking Pad Thai

GLUTONY.... Claudia and Darin eat ALL of the things they cooked

After the cooking class we decided we needed to go for a walk to try burn some calories. The chef dropped us off at the Saturday Walking Market. This market is only open on Saturdays and a lot more local people visit it. It was nice to be out of the tourist trap markets… we even bought a few souvenirs and gifts.


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